Huyu Na Kiherehere yake,Khaligraph Jones Ametoa #ToaTint

Khaligraph Jonez is facing challenges daily after “bleaching” his face.This move has been received with mixed reaction from various key players in the industry.

A day ago Octopizzo called the “Kiherehere” rapper to seek him for guidance once in Kenya.This made the lyrical Papa Jones hit the his studio and bar some punch lines.
Here is what he wrote :
“Ndugu Omollo, nilikua nataka nikutoe Rangi lakini sasa siwezi ju umejitoq mwenyewe
Ok this is not funny am in shock!!,kama ni ukweli hizi risto naskia ati unajipaka aloevera then congratulations you just played yourself; Na Kama umecatch feelings katoe diss track coz matime we ukua na kiherehere sana.
But as my brother in hiphop kama ni self esteem issues please am open to talk to you as a peer coz sometimes the society can be harsh & am saying this coz # iCare and you are a friend.
So look for me when am back in the country.
# Blacklivesmatter # beProud # beBlack #8
But Kama umejitoa rangi ju ya hype then wee ni bure kabisa
# PullUp”.

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Watch Octopizzo Advice To Papa jones here

Khaligraph Jones Toa Tint ( Mask Off ) is a diss track and also a  brag of the milestone he has kicked so far.”I am the Industry,am talked in every move I make.”

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