Jagaur Gets Jubilee Certificate

Jagaur Gets Jubilee Certificate

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Charles Kanyi Njagua alia Jaguar is a happy man.This is after his verdict for the Starehe party primary nominations against Maina Kamanda was ruled in his favour.

Its alleged Jaguar was leading in the jubilee party nomination process no sooner than his close rival,Maina Kamanda was declared the winner.This caused unrest in the Kigeugeu singer unrest.

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At some point Jaguar Wept.

Maina Kamanda wanted to have a consensus with Jaguar but Jaguar would not take nothing less than the party ticket.

“I trust jubilee will rule in our favor. God is on our side, no one will stand against us.” Jaguar said before the hearing of the verdict.

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Jaguar case had received mixed reaction ranging from his fans and rivals too.Now that justice has been done,he will face a hard task ahead of him.

Young and influential youths are also eyeing the #Starehe001 seat.They include city businessman Steve Mbogo of ODM and Activist Bonface Mwangi of Ukweli party among others.


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