Kenyan Male Artists Who Make Hits After Hits

Otile Brown

I have no words for “John Legend.” This dude is on top of his game and he can sing,sing and sing very well.

All his songs are hits.Even after colliding with his management, Dreamland by Dr.Eddie,he moved on and he is doing well too.

Anytime you hear otile brown has released a song,have it because in few hours it will be a hit.

Willy Paul

Hate or love him,his music will always be a hit.Willy Pozee might be the most controversial gospel kid but that would not see him not be on the list.

After doing ‘sitolia’ with Gloria Muliro, Tiga Wana hitmaker has never looked back.You will agree with me that this dude makes a list of endless tunes under his name.


He is our own legend.A real shinsky and a cool guy who you can get along with easily.

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Lets put Kleptomaniax history aside.His comeback only has caused terrible stare from other rappers.He claims he is the teacher.All his latest 4 songs are hits.He just released 2days same day and same hour and they are instant hits.


Mtoto wa mama Khadija is a real deal.Hit after hit.Mejja alia okwonkwo could not afford to miss in this list.
His hits are countless:
        – Landlord
        – Mi Nayo
        – Jana Kuliendaje

With his genge genre,Mejja has a way of incoprating his music with daily hussles in our society.


New kid in the block but doing massive things.With his accent that makes him sound unique,it has helped him produce killer tunes.

Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait is a talented guy since time can tell.Every tune he has released is a killer tune.Only that he made one mistake where he sung offkey,yesu ndiye sponsor.

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To date he curses the song.He has received alot of critics and cyber bulling.Many memes cited from him.But one thing about Jimmy Gait,he is a hitmaker.

Jua Cali

He is a King of genge and you expected nothing less from him than a hit.Every song that Jua Cali has had his voice input,causes disturbance on air play and is always on rotation.


From when he released Mega Rider,David Mathenge has never disappointed in his entire career.



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