Ladies,Treat Your Man This Way

Truly in this generation its hard to find a real lover.So ladies for a minute you will need to swallow your pride and get into my class.

Men are scarse and its either you guard him or you share him.Which one is better?

With me are tips on how you are supposed to guard your man and make him feel like a king.Treat him like a king and he will treat you like a queen.

* Respect.

It is not about status or class.Every lady should respect her man despite his stand.Never be disrepectful to your man.Your man will always stand by you if you give him the respect he deserves.

* Family Bond.

Many ladies complain not taken home to see the guys parents.Incase you are the lucky lady,and you are introduced to your man’s family members use that bold step.Create a healthy relationship with them.

Make a strong bond with his cousins,uncles,anties,brothers,sisters and also his parents.A guy feels at peace if you blend well with family members.This step will also help you in future,you may need them.

Though its hard sometimes,oftenly welcome them when they need to visit you.

* Faithfulness

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Be faithful and take your relationship to the next level.I see no need for a lady to cheat.I will discuss this in details on a later date.I will advice you for free,dont cheat on your guy,be loyal.

* Neatness

Do you remember fatuma mchafu?  Why should you just be there.Have that tip of a good wife material.Keep your house neat.Be presentable always.

Your man will give you the respect you deserve.Never let him down when he pops in with his visitors.

* Communication.

A happy marriage relatipnship is build on communication pillar.How would you even express your feeling if you are not talking?

Give him an upper hand to do the talking.Never walk away while he is talking or give him dead ears just listen to what he is saying.It costs nothing to L I S T E N .

* Caring Attitude.

Some men are hot tempered and there is no reverse gear on that.
When your man is offended and is angry,never rush to inquest him.He might strike you.

Give him that time to settle down and after cooling he might tell you the whole issue.If not,try to know what had upset  him.

* Change

Nithing last forever since change is inevitable.But can change occur in one night? As you are armed and determined to change your guy,remember you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

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So you need to change his smoking habit blah blah blah?
Get into a friendly conversation.Tell him why he should not watch late out at night and watch with you in your house.Why he should cease gambling and such likes.

After that,give him time.By being inquest definately he will change.

* Mrs Independent

Look for something to do.If you are a sit at home lady you can try making money online.

Show that willingness to work,he can set up a business for you to run.

Never sit idle and want to be fed.Men hate that and wount tell this one on one.

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