LEAKED !! This Is Diamond Platinumz Worth

Diamond Platinumz is one of of the most decorated artist in East Africa,Africa at large and has recently gained international recognition in the world.He is a very hardworking artist that you can meet.He can perform for more than 2hrs non stop in one show!

Raising from rags to richess is what Platinumz story entail.Back in 2007 he was a mere artist selling second hand clothes to raise cash for his music.Close sources have it that her Diamond Platinumz mother,Sanura Kassim ‘Sandra’ bought him albums from other artists.This would play a role in helping him right good lyrics.

After launching a successful career in the music industry,some might want to know Diamond Platinumz wealth.Well,Its is not easy to blindly determine the anticipated figure minus doing some calculations.

This is how Diamond Platinumz makes money:Its the same narrative that he uses to harvest big money,revenues and make him on the list of the wealthiest artists in Africa.

Diamond Platinumz has been a Brand Ambassador for many corporate firms.He has signed many deals,left right and centre.This has seen him make more cash.He has worked with likes of DSTV, Vodacom,Red Gold
Cocacola, Uber Taxi and much more.His own daughter Tiffah also makes money but we will reveal to you later.

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Diamond Platinumz is a big brand name.Being the most decorated artist in Bongo is not a joke.Back in Tanzania where he charges above 350,000 per show,fans fill his shows to capacity.Diamond figure shoots up in East Africa countries and beyond whereby he doesn’t settle for anything less than Ksh.2.3M per show.And as expected,his shows are upto capacity whether he is in London or Kigali show.

He is the leading artist with the most ringtones downloads across the region.On top of that,he started wasafi.com where other artist sell music on his site.His works and the works of other artists signed under him are also available in the site.

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Millions of people watch Diamond Platinumz Videos on youtube.This makes him good cash at the end of the day.All Diamond’s  videos are monetized by google ads.His expensive videos get more views and he makes good money.Rumours had that he was buying views,something Diamond said was a propaganda.

The 27 year old Tanzania superstar,started Wasafi Classic.A company in talent/arist management.Currently he has signed great artists including,Harmonize,Rayvanny who won a BET Award,Rich Mavoko and Lava lava.

In determining his net worth,we cant miss to add up the money he charges for doing a collaboration with him.Diamond Platinumz charges Ksh.500,000 as the least amount for a collabo.

On June 26 2016 ( Sunday interview with E!TV ) Diamond said his net worth was a
whopping USD4 million (KSh405 million).

But this figure has gown hire one year later.Business wise,Diamond has matured.Just a couple of days after releasing Chibu Perfume in the market,he created his own peanuts,Diamond Karanga.


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