Most Profitable Transcription Websites



Transcription is a good platform to make money online in Kenya and pay your bills.

Transcription involves listening audio and converting the audio into words.Its that simple.You listen and write what you have heard.In that case you have to read our article How to be a good transcriber.

However,with the eruption of many people doing transcription job,the number of sites offering Transcription work has risen also.

Here is a complete list of tested transcription websites that will pay you well.

Everyone doing transcription work ought to get frenzy pay.

Here is the transcription sites:

Transcribe Team

An awesome site that I highly recommend,Transcribe Team.
Its easy to register since the process takes atleast 30 minutes to complete.

When registering makes sure you do your best in filling their registration form.This is because they are very keen on people who want to join them.

Many transcribers want to join them because of their good rates.You can make $1 per minute! This equates to $0.40 – $ 1.25

As an average transcriber on this site,you are guaranteed to make atleast $130 per month.You can withdraw your payment via paypal on weekly basis.

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They have alot of work to offer.In that case you got variety of options to choose from.

Get your online transcription work payment via paypal weekly.

Casting Words

Easy to join them since their is no restriction to do so.

Just like the Transcribe Team,they have alot of work to offer.Join them work and get weekly payment via paypal.

Get your online transcription work payment via paypal weekly.


A good site that you can make huge cash from.

One disadvantage of Rev is you can’t apply using any mobile related service.

Application process takes an hour to complete a trascription test included.You must pass the 6 simple steps of application.

You are assured to make atleast $240 per month.Rate per minute goes not less than $0.40

They have tones of work and you can work any time you want.Variety of choices to work on.

Get your online transcription work payment via paypal weekly.

Go Transcript

They have the best pay rates per minute work.They settle nothing less than $0.60 per minute.

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Get your online transcription work payment via paypal weekly.

This means you can make more than $150 per month.

There are alot of work to do here.Get your payment via paypal weekly.


Very good transcription website.

You earn $5-$20 per hour depending on what you are transcribing on.

You can make a genuine $200 per month and there is no withdrawal linits.

To be able to join this site use non-mobile platform like laptop or computer .

You are smashed on with $5  for 3hours work complete on the site.

There is more work to be done here.

Get your online transcription work payment via paypal weekly.

Other Transcription sites include:

~ Transcription Star

A good site too.

~ Speed Pad

Last time we checked on this site it was offline.You can as well well check on it again.

You have the choice to join the above site for free and start making cash.

Let us know your views below.



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