Naughty!! Crazy Facts About Kamba Ladies

Its not news that Kamba ladies are hot in Kenya.Having 3 counties from the Eastern region ( Makueni,Kitui and Machakos ) does not mean there is an adequate of kamba ladies.

Having a Kamba lady as your wife,is a hit.Here are the full details of a Kamba wife.

With their clear voicebox,A kamba lady is never ashamed of speaking her language anywhere.Whether in public or not.


You can not argue that kamba ladies are not beautiful.Kamba ladies are to some bigger extent,the most beutiful ladies in Kenya.With or without makeup,they are stunning.

Bedroom Bully

Free advice.Never opt for a Kamba lady if your bedroom skills and your manhood is less.That is a bare fact.Kamba ladies love “the game.”

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They are not expensive
Having a Kamba woman as a girlfriend or wife is stress free because she is not so
expensive. All you need is to provide basic
necessities and some luxuries to keep her comfortable.


These are the people who understand when
a man is broke and when she has money.They give you time to find yourself without too much nagging.

They are not selective
Kamba women get married to any tribe;they don’t have boundaries.
They also date any tribe and any man regardless of social status.

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They are submitive.Just like any african lady,a kamba lady does not argue of compete with her man.She knows her man is the head of the house and that is final!