Official Ways Of Making Money Online in Kenya

If you are able to access internet,you should consider making money online too from the same .

As the title suggest,its official ways of making money online in Kenya.There are several ways infact more than 100 ways you can make money online.

Today I will just highlight what will be a series of this ways.

1. Media personality

Being a social influencer in Kenya is a privillage.Social media giants like Cyprian Nyakundi and Xtian Dela make alot of cash by having a huge following online

Being a social media in Kenya is one of the profitable ways of making money online.

With numerous social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,SnapChat,Instagram and many others,You can make a big stream of followers,though it is not instant if you are not a Pro.

A social media personality makes money via endorsments.They sign deals with small or big firms,also small business are included.
They charge a few to pass a client message to their followers.


2. Create  a blog

My favourite way.Making money online via blogging.Yes people are making “big” money.

I started my blog out of passion.Now am a professional blogger after realising I could make money from blogging.
I made my first $10 from blogging in my first month.Now am making $10 per day in the same blog.

There are many ways of making money from your blog like affliate marketing,sponsored posts,paid reviews and Paid ads.

3. Transcription

Fast raising way of making money online in Kenya.Transcription involves converting an audio or video into words.

You should check this post where I have outlined some good sites where you are paid more than $1 per minute of an audio.
Here are some of the best transcription sites.

4. Start a Vlog

Apart from blogging and freelancing,vlogging is also on the rise.Wheras blogging invoves words,vlogging uses videos.

Lately local celebrities like Jimmy Gait have joined this niche.Most vloggers upload creative,funny videos or viral to be precise.

With good metworking skills,you will live a whooping life from just owning a vlog.


5. Academic Writing

The best platform for learned people.
We are know that doing a research is tiresome especially for college students.Academic writing pays huge but it has got high seasons and low seasons.

Here is the full version on academic writing.
Academic Writer

6. Surveys
I made cash while in high school by just doing online and offline survey.
Most survey sites are scam you should be choosy when it comes to survey.

Online Surveys are not common lately.

7. Sell products Online

You can make few coins by selling products on behalf of some company like Jumia and Amazon.
The pay is not small.

8. Freelancing
Here is complete reason you need to start freelancing right away.
Being a freelancer

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