Quick KRA Online PIN Registration

Kenya Revenue Authority need every Kenyan Citizen needs to file his/her tax returns.For this reason you need to have a kra pin.

Having a KRA pin certificate is important not only when you need to get employed but other issues like registration of a new business/company or even taking a loan.

You can simply get a KRA PIN at any Huduma Centre in Kenya for free. Alternatively, you can get pin via  online kra application.

What You Need For Online Kra Registration.

– National ID number

– Date of birth

– District

– Mother’s last name

– Father’s last name

– Address (P.O. BOX)

– Personal email address

Online  KRA  Application

1. Visit iTax Website

2. For unregisterd user,who want to register a new pin.Head to the right column click on the “New PIN Registration” link.

3. This step is where you need to select tax payer type.

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– Individual – personal, students,
employee, entrepreneurs.

– Non Individual – for businesses and companies.

4. Basic Information. Fill in all your information and then click ‘Submit’

5: Tax Obligation Details

6. Source of Income

iTax system has brought in a new
requirement that will expect all taxpayers
to mention their source of income.
– Employment Income
– Business Income
– Rental Income

7. Agent Details

KRA has introduced a new regulation on the PIN registration which will require that you have an authorized Tax Agent to submit your application on your behalf. This means that you simply can’t finish the PIN registration process by yourself.

( You can get assistance in a cyber cafè near you.)

Once every field has been filled with correct information you will be able to submit the information. However in the event you had forgotten to fill a field, an
Error Tab will appear and inform you the sections where you have not completed before you can proceed.

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8. Download & Print

Once to successfully complete your KRA PIN registration online, you will receive an email with your login details and will also be able to print out your PIN certificate.

Lost Your KRA Pin?

Send an email to ControlRoom@kra.go.ke
giving them your ID number to get details of your PIN .

Alternatively, contact KRA Online support staff on this number: 020 2815059 or visit any KRA office near you.

KRA Important Dates

PAYE Remittances: 9th of every month.

VAT Remittances: 20th of every month

Withholding VAT: Every Monday
Turnover Tax (T.O.T) 20th day of the month following the end of every quarter.

Installment Tax: 20th day of every,4th,6th, 9th and 12th of every month.

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