Otile Brown New Hit,Yule Mbaya

Otile Brown New Hit,Yule Mbaya


Just after leaving Dreamland Management*Recording label headed by Dr.Eddie,Otile Brown is here with a new track #YuleMbaya.

The song is produced by Ihaji,one of few talent music producers available.

Otile Brown is among kenyan musicians who have been releasing killer hits.Some of them are #Pakate #Basi #NisemeNawe ft Barakah The Prince among other hits.

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Yule Mbaya is a love song that explains that fact of loving someone who wount love you back in return.Despite of that,you still love that person.
This is how he best describes #yulembaya,”LOVE IS LIKE A DRUG
you get addicted to it
you want it and need it
no matter how much it could hurt us we still
want more
it gives us this undescribable feeling, too
much that it can kill you…”

Otile Brown is commonly reffered to John Legend of Kenya.


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