How To Protect Your Expensive Mobile Phone

You must have been hearing the word
(tempered glass), but wondering what it
means. This content will give you all the
information you will need to know
about TEMPERD GLASS; it meaning , and why it
is so common now.

Tempered glass has been in existence for over 50years, it never cut the
public attention not until expensive devices
start surfacing in the market.
Buying for example an iphone 6plus or 7, you
will know how important the
protection will mean to you.
This quality type of glass screen protection is
achieved by heating glass
to a certain degree and immediately cooled. It
is done by specialized
HOME). This type of glass has a
different pattern of break than the normal
glass. It form rounded edge of
pieces not the jagged shards the normal glass
produce. Tempered glass
protector is a multilayer screen protector given
your expensive device a
much needed protection (don’t mean it is
unbreakable). It is smooth and
clear making it more like your actual screen. It
also looks pleasing to the
eyes than the normal plastic screen protector.
In addition to the beauty,
it is a heat resistance glass making the
percentage of your device to be
destroyed by heat very minimal.
Do I need a tempered glass for my new phone?
YES. What you spend that much
dollar for demands more than that. My little
sister like playing with my
phone a lot. On a faithful day I head a fun
sound from my room, I ran
there and meet my phone in a critical condition
(lol), it provide me the
opportunity to show off my tempered glass
screen protector power as I take
the remaining pieces out and my main screen
is still bright and shinning as
new. That same day I replace the tempered
glass. Was not surprise when I
saw my brother’s Samsung with a new
tempered glass screen protector. Next
time you are confused on how to best protect
your mobile phone screen, go
for a tempered glass screen protector.

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