Social Biz Connect Is A Hoax Pyramid Scheme,Avoid It!


Multi Level Marketing is taking advantage of less exposed people in society today.Fake companies like social biz connect have emerged very fast and taking a ride of lazy youths who dont want to work.

Sbc was started not long time ago by a group of goons whose aim was to bebefit while seated,wheras others are tirelessly working.With a well decorated language,you are promised to make frenzy amount online while seatef at the comfort of your home.


Evans Mutea is lucky that he joined earlier.I do reffer to him and his mates like Sadiq and others as digital cartels.They awash your intelligence by the way they arrange  their “business” mission ideas.

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To raise the first doubt.Social Biz Connect have no offices they operate from.You have to pay them Ksh.200 which they use to book a meeting room in the name of holding a seminar.


Next is more worse step.You will need to upgrade your membership to  a business club.You are required to do a monthly subscription of $35!!! To be able to do so,you need to do so via an invitation process.

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This is where real slavery starts,you are required to build a network.A team.This is done by inviting friends from your phonebook or social media platform.You might be required even to print posters.( Advertising Offline. )

Social biz connect is a pure scam.Patrick Muhinge and my friend Nyakundi have ascertain  on that.

Evidence that Social Biz Connect is a pure pyramid Scheme:

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