The End Of Undertaker Era in Wrestlemania

The Undertaker Era

Dead Man Is Truly Gone.This is after revealing his tru character.

Its sad that undertaker era in Wrestlemania is over.This is after celebrating the last fight and got defeated by Roman Reigns.

Triple H took to social media to show thank the 23times heavy weight champion.


“#ThankYouTaker for every tour, match, entrance, & moment…for the leadership, mentorship, & most importantly, your friendship. #EndOfAnEra,”Triple H wrote.

Mark William Calaway, better known by his ring name The Undertaker,began his wrestling career in 1984.He has won 23 matches and lost 2.

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The first lost was with Brock Lesnar and the last one with Reigns.


     Undertaker Last Words

» There will never be a undertaker again, I leave on my final last ride with WWE . I say “May my legacy Rest in peace ”

» “New chapter, New Generation ”

» Thank you . WWE Universe for the love & respect, you have given me . With you my legacy lives on , never forget what I have done.

Having landed both a chokeslam and a tombstone on Reigns, Undertaker looked on course for another gruelling victory, only for Reigns to kick out. What followed was a brutal ending to his career, with Reigns dishing out three spears, two superman punches and one final, era-ending spear.

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After the loss, The Undertaker removed his gloves, his coat and his hat, and made his way back along the entrance ramp visibly emotional. He broke character to hug his wife, Michelle McCool, and, having taken his time to take in everything around him, walked away to retire as the greatest wrestler the WWE has seen. 


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