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My name is Erick Mwaura a social media consultant and want to help you make real money online.As a newbie in affliate marketing,I can assure you,the future of making money online lies on Affliate Marketing.Incase you don’t know what that is,I will outline every single detail.

I woud concur that there are a number of methods you can apply to Make Money Online In Kenya but I recommend affliate marketing since it is easy to run and make real money.

I know  many pyramid schemes in kenya and would not advice anyone to venture there.I have encountered many scams before joining legit way of making money online.Previously I invested my $2000 in a certain company that guaranteed me of getting $170 each and every monday but all was futile .Why should I invest a huge money only to get paid for reffering others?That is pure modern slavery!! I had to let that cash go to waste.

I have a new trusted deal here,just join Easy1Up.It is a new affliate platform in Kenya.You only need to share advertisers ads as simple as that.I wount tell you how I make $40 per 6hours before I show you how all this is done.

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Lets think out of the box,nothing comes easy in this life.As an investor,your IQ should always be sharp ahead of other people.You should be consent to invest where returns are profitable.

Anybody joining Easy1UP Should invest.As pointed earlier you are required to share ads and for every share,money counts.This is not a pyramid scheme.You are not supposed to recruit anybody to get paid.That is the only thing that sets this platform standout from the rest.Incase someone is willingly to join,you will only get  bonus cash.

This Is How Onlinet Works

Onlinet is a new company in Kenya.The company is trying to advertise its brand and you are therefore paid for every person who clicks your link and visits their link They are the companies links.

Unlike most online companies, here you don’t need to sell any product. A click on your link earns you $1.50 or $2 depending on your registeration package. You can join at any time and start earning with it.However,are required to register.There are  2 packages upon registration.

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You can invest  $11 where you earn $2 commissions or invest  $8 where you earn $1.50.To make sure you dont lose,you get two weeks guarantee pay back in case you don’t get profit within the two weeks upon registration.

The moment you make your payment you receive a message with the details on how to earn with it .Once you reach you minimum withdrawal limit you are only charged $1 for withdrawal transaction.

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For those from Kenya are lucky since you can transact through mpesa. Their paybill no. is 247247 and account no. ‎0480169324371‎.

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