This Is How Tian Immune Booster Cures HIV Virus

TIBs reducing replication of
that it’s high time we embrace herbalism and I
don’t mean fake herbs that are just money
making businesses or fake ‘masai’ men in
custom made masai garments selling fake
herbs that are supposedly tea leaves? I believe
there’s a reason to embrace herbalism and to
smile as well due to medical research findings
by Dr. Joseff from Freiburg University in
Germany and scientist from the University in
Japan. Thanks to China which has embraced
herbalism, we now have herbal TIB (Tian
Immune Booster) drugs capable of reducing
HIV virus. What are TIB drugs, you might ask?
They are immune booster drugs invented by
Professor Tian Shengxun and they are
registered by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board
under the Ministry of Health in Kenya.
Basically, TIB drugs boost one’s immunity by
slowing down the replication of the HIV virus.
So where does the concept of embracing herbal
medication come from as I mentioned earlier?
TIB is manufactured through modern
technology but proper compounds are
extracted from more than 30 different pure
Chinese herbs. TIB has powerful anti-viral and
antibacterial functions which makes
opportunistic infections rare since TIB products
are fusion inhibitors killing the HIV virus at the
very beginning of infection. How TIB actually
does this is by blocking the fusion taking place
between the HIV and CD4 cells then HIV virus
automatically dies within 72hours in the blood.

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TIB activates the bone marrow to produce
more blood to enhance the human being
immunity. TIBs have almost 100% ability to
block the fusion between HIV and T cell; which
is a clear sign that HIV viruses can be killed by
TIBs. Research found out that TIB drugs cause
no side effects and toxicity even though it’s a
combination of wide brand antibiotics and
immunity boosters. Anyway, those patients on
TIB products can achieve functional cure after
around 12month treatment

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