The Undatable Kenyan Girl


East Africa has the most beautiful girls without a doubt. Kenyan girls are included in the mix but the latest developments suggest otherwise. It is becoming harder by the day to date a Kenyan girl. Kenya has been described as a Country that is undergoing modernisation in almost every aspect of life. From the artists losing their originality to our girls going ‘international’. Dating has become a whole new game for the Kenyan girl. Access to foreign content can be blamed but I think Kenyan girls are to blame for this new trend.

Dating a Kenyan girl is harder than getting a job these days. Your application can be denied more than a hundred times only to find the same girl dating some loser from Kayole who has gold teeth. Their priorities are very confusing. A Kenyan girl will ignore that simple good guy because they have had Drake say that they are here for a good time not a long time. They want to be wined and dined like ratchet queens. They even call themselves slay queens these days.

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Slays queens get attracted to anything shiny that has value which can be translated into buying expensive stuff. A typical Kenyan man who is ready to date has probably grown tired from the constant stress at his first job and when he finds a lady who is messed up it gets even harder for him. Kenyan ladies who are in the dating zone think of themsleves as ‘woke’. They are enlightened and know their rights. They know the best phrase to use when a guy makes a mistake in a relationship. ‘Men are Trash’ is common these days especially after those drama filled Friday nights that end up in the walk of shame on Saturday mornings.

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Enhanced beauty has also affected most Kenyan girls’ date-ability. Bleaching elements are common these days, green tea and losing weight has become a norm. They have more time dedicated to working out than spending time with their man. They even post these workout videos on their Instagram but won’t post a picture of the guy who pays for thei gym membership.

Kenyan girls have upped their game these days and look at men as mediocre and sons of a lesser god. The boy child is becoming an endagered species. Their self-esteem has been largely affected by the ‘wokeness’ of the Kenyan girl. The Bantu Dragons as they are called these days are spitting fire on Kenyan men. They have no idea on how good food is cooked and will hit you with ‘mashakura’. They are simply undatable.

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