Why Kenyas Want Jaguar Arrested


Just after publickly saying that he will be vying for 001 Starehe seat as a member of parliament,Jaguar is a wanted behind bars.

News about his car being involved in an accident and killed two people has gone viral online.
#ArrestJaguar is the hasgtag towards Jaguar.

Jaguar Admits Killing 2 Motorists

around 3pm, along Makutano Sagana high way
two young men, Joseph Maingi and Mugo
Abdalla lost their lives.
They were hit by a vehicle, a range rover sport,
registration number KCB 808 J. The eye witness
says that the driver was a lady who stopped few
metres from the scene. The road is under
construction, so the vehicles needed blocking
to pave way for other road users and still give
time to the constructors.
The driver of the said Range rover did not wait
in line for cars to be cleared from her side, she
was from Sagana heading to Makutano while
the two were heading to Sagana. That’s when
she hit the duo, who were almost joining the
The ‘boda boda they were using went to one
side, while the two young men fell on the other
side. They both died on the spot. Jaguar, the
alleged owner of the vehicle came around 3.30
and said he was the one driving the vehicle,
even though the eye witnesses saw the lady
driving it.
The policemen from Rukanga police post
alerted their counterparts from Sagana who
towed the vehicle away. The lady plus Jaguar
left for Sagana police station. Later on, the
parents to Mugo went to Sagana police station.
They were denied the chance to see the vehicle
that took away the life of their son.
They were told to come with their eye
witnesses. Today morning, Kamau, a brother to
Maingi went to Sagana Police Station. He was
denied a chance to see the vehicle too. He was
told they haven’t found the owner of the
vehicle. What has changed from yesterday?
From the eye witnesses, we managed to get
the photos of the car that hit them.

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