Why You Dont Make Money Online

It has taken me some years before starting to pocket money from the internet.This was just after graduating from Youtube University.

If you do what is correct you will be able to make more money online.But wait! Have you tried making money online? If No,Why?

This is why you are not making money online.

* Having a bad mentality that its a quick way of making money online and becaming rich instantly.You cant just browse and go to the bank .If you want to nake it online,go slow but steadily.

Avoid reading cheap articles like How I made $1000 In 24 hours.That is pure scam.I am a pro-blogger and know the real deal.
You wount make money online with that hope of getting rich easily.

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* Blogging is now becaming a “career” Not everyone is eligible to work online.As well as we all want to make money online,be it affliate marketing or blogging.You need to be smart.

To make it online,have the basics eg a good network connection and a laptop and you are good to go.

* Indiscipline

This is a bare fact.You cant make money online if you are not displined.All people who are making money online are disciplined and know what to do.

You are your own boss online but still you must meet some guidelines to make that cent.There are many cons out here and if you dont watch out then your downfall is near.

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* Fear

If you fear online,never try.Everything is risky in this world.Before you land into legit ways of making money online,you have to fall in some scam though this is not guaranteed.

My blog is up to help you not to fall into scam.We boldly publish all scam and pyramid scams that can lead you into depression.

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