Why You Should Use Google Adsense On Your Blog

A blog makes money in different ways.One way is by displaying ads on your blog.Google adsense is one of the legit way of making money online.

We bloggers make many dollars in a day by using adsense alone.Showing ads using adsense,a google product.

    * Setting up a google adsense account is very simple.You dont need much details to register for adsense.

    *  Multi-Purpose

One adsense account can run ads on all of your sites.You dont need to create many accounts for your different sites.If you other blogs comply with google adsense policies,you can show ads on them.

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    * High CPC ( Cost Per Click )

Adsense has the highest rate of pay to their publishers.
Their diverse high rate of pay makes adsense to be a first consideration for bloggers.

    * Displaying Contextual  Ads
This means adsense  will display ads according to content you publish.

Also google adsense will display ads according to user geographic area.This is done via cookies.The benefit is it will display ads that will be of interest to your readers based on previous searches.In returm you will have increased number of clicks and that equals more pay.

    * Payment is awesome.

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If you make money using your blog,you are sure you will get your money.Many advertising platforms around are scam.Once you reach the minimum payout,your account is disabled.

Use google adsense and know that your money is safe.You can.use the various platforms to withdraw your cash.

    * There are unlimited options in displaying your ads.You can decide to block low paying ads or switch them off completely.

    * There is no special coding required to paste ad codes in your blog.The process is straight foward and you can opt to use various ad placement plugins available.