Willy Paul Sets A Record In One day,I do

Gospel Supremacy woun’t cease soon.Willy Paul latest release with Alaine has hit more than 300k views in one day.

This was nothing to expect though it was likely to happen.However due to photos of Willy Pozee that he uploaded constantly,that only led to creating a tumult online.

Many people were eagerly waiting the next step.And it was a song.Though the engagement factor is strong,we are yet to reveal that.The new love song has been received well but with some blemish.

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Barely 2 weeks ago,decorated and award winnig singer Bahati teamed up with Mr Seed and released kumbe kumbe. so far the track has less 150k hits on youtube.Some people tend to see this is a trend of Willy Paul vanishing Mtoto wa mama career.

Not regreting any step that he did for “I do”track,This is what Msafi had to say about his song.
History Written …Glory To Jesus ..First Kenyan
Artiste To Clinch 300K+ Views On You Tube In

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Willy Paul his a talented musician.Tiga Wana that is 4months old,has reached more than 1M views on youtube.It is followed closely by his other track,Fany that is at 900k hit mark on youtube.

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