Revealed World Richest Billionaires

Out here there are people who have money.The make a list of world richest billionaires.They own multinational companies.Some form a list of most powerful people in the world.

Some like Amancio Ortega have been in this list for the longest time in recent history.

Here is latest list of world richest billionaires:

Bill Gates

The 61 years old Microsoft founder is an american business magnate, computer programmer, investor, philanthropist and
author, is estimated to be $86billion.He is the world richest man alive.

– Waren Buffett

He is a smart investor who iwns more than 60 companies.

The 86 old man running Berkshrine Hatheway is worth $75.6 billion.

– Jeff Bezos

Estimated to be $72.8 billion.The 3rd richest man is just 53 years old and is the CEO of Amazon.

– Amancio Ortega

Amancio who is said to be the richest man in Europe comes from Spain.He makes more money from his fast fashion company,Zara.

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The 81 old guy also owns Deportivo La Coruna Club.

He is worth $71.3 billion.

– Marck Zuckerberg

He is the youngest world richest billuonaires to be in the top 10 list.At 33 years,Marck who has one kid to eat the $56b he has made,is the CEO of facebook.

The previous Harvard University dropout,graduated this year.Schooling is a basic thing if you need to rank in this list!!

– Carlos Slim Helo

Carlos is the richest man in Mexico.The 77 years old is the founder of telcom.He is worth $54B.

– Larry Ellison

The 72 years old software mogul is worth $52.2B

– Charles Koch

The 81 years old is the CEO of 2nd largest private company in USA, Koch Industries.

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He is worth $48.3 billion.

– David Koch

A major stake holder in Koch Industries.The 77 years old reknown philatropist is worth $48.3 billion.

– Michael Bloombers.

Michael served as a mayor of New York for 12 years.He is one of the 4 longest serving mayors in New York City.

He is worth $47.5 B

And thats it folks! The 10 world richest billionaires of 2017 according to forbes listing.

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